5 Stylish Affordable Executive Chairs

If you spend a large part of your day at a desk, then the most important item of furniture in your office is certain to be the chair at which you’re sitting. Primarily, your executive chair should be comfortable and supportive, something that sees the hours of the day drift by unnoticeably, rather than leaving you with twinges in your back that serve as a constant reminder that you should be spending less time sat down. But not only should your seating be ergonomically supportive, it also needs to look good. Executive desk chairs should make a statement: whether a brash display of confidence, or a discreet and subtle nod towards compassion, the perch behind your desk sets the tone for the rest of your office. So whether you’re aiming to impress with swathes of luxurious black leather, or looking for a seat that offers a more refined and delicate character, one of these 5 stylish executive chairs will certainly find a place within your work space.

Mr Big Executive Chair


Mr Big an executive desk chairs that makes a statement

A classic design, completely customisable ensuring you get the required style and comfort in one perfect package.  Providing the option for a low or high seat back and the opportunity to spec the frame in either chrome or black, the variety of fabrics on offer mean that you’ll rarely find two chairs the same. The perfect chair for filling a meeting room or equally at home on its own behind a desk.

For more info and details on ordering the Mr Big follow the link.

Ultima Executive Chair


Conduct your meeting’s in perfect comfort

With a choice of bases – either fixed or on casters – this desk chair will keep you comfortable behind your desk or equally ensure that those sat around the boardroom table can conduct their meeting’s in complete comfort. Customisable fabric, fully adjustable and a 4 week lead time mean that this chair can be gracing your office in less than a month. As with all our chairs, viewing is available in our London showroom if you want to perfectly hone the specification.

For more info and details on ordering the Ultima follow the link.

Youster Executive Chair

The Youster; a focal point of any office

The Youster – the focal point of any office


Combining cutting edge design with the essential fundamentals of comfort, the Youster makes an impact on any surrounding. Whether paired with a highly modern office space, or as an item to break out against the confines of a more conventional work space, this executive chair not only feels great, but looks gloriously striking. Available in a range of bold colours, once delivered, this design classic will remain a focal point for many years to come.

For more info and details on ordering the Youster follow the link.

Rang Executive Chair

The Rang; Stylish and affordable Executive Chair

The Rang; Stylish and affordable Executive Chair

Style doesn’t need to be complicated. The best design is often the simplest, and this is evident in the Rang Executive Chair. The chrome frame can be combined with a range of courageous colours, complimenting any office space or setting. The choice of high or low back means that the Rang is an option for anyone looking to upgrade their current seating, either in large or small numbers.

For more info and details on ordering the Rang follow the link.


Nulite Executive Chair

Nulite Executive, A modern design classic executive chair

Nulite Executive, A modern classic chair


The Nulite is perfect for those looking to inject a dose of elegance into their work space. The modern yet classic seat design draws on the traditional fundamentals of comfort while adding a unique styling twist. The thin fully adjustable seat back offers the perfect amount of support, ensuring that hours sat at the computer can pass painlessly and pleasantly. As with all our executive chairs, the Nulite can be enhancing the ambiance of your office sooner than you think.

For more info and details on ordering the Nulite follow the link.

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