6 Suggestions for Revamping Reception Seating

In a previous post we mentioned the significance of making a great first impression to potential clients. That initial impression is all important in establishing the high standards that your customers can expect to receive when dealing with your company. A stylish reception desk goes a long way to instilling confidence, but to complete the look, complimentary office reception seating is essential.

Reception seating has come a long way in recent times. No longer is it acceptable to simply offer those waiting for your time a place to perch. The seats must be comfortable, elegant and in keeping with the décor of your office space.

Thankfully, there are a wide range of different options available, ensuring that a style exists to suit every work environment and waiting space scenario.

Check out 6 of our favourite options for making an impact with high quality and modern Reception Seating.

Stretch Reception Seating


This modular seating area is the product of many hours of research into how furniture can effectively facilitate new ways of working, learning and interacting. Designed to not only look good, but to be entirely effective in its setting, these seats take into account the fundamentals of ergonomic design to ensure that good posture is promoted and maintained. Available in a range of fabrics, there is always a style to match your requirements.

Link Reception Seating


Lack of space is not an excuse for poorly planned or ineffective reception seating. With the correct furniture, the tiniest of areas can be transformed into a pleasant and successful waiting place. These link chairs can be combined to make any number of different seating layouts, allowing flexibility in areas where space is a challenge. Different shapes can be combined and the modules added too as required to ensure that the reception seating is able to evolve along with your company.

Barcelona Inspired Reception Sofas


If you’re looking to firmly establish a statement of stylish intent, then the Barcelona Inspired Reception Sofas are the perfect addition to your workplace. Fully customisable in a range of finishes, colours and fabrics, this design classic lets your clients know that elegance and functionality sits high on your agenda, a surefire way to enhance that crucial first impression.

Hive Reception Seating


If your workplace calls for a larger waiting area, it can be challenging to effectively partition the space. Rows of chairs are ungainly and old fashioned, whilst adding partitioning walls can be expensive and unnecessary. The Hive Office Modular Reception Seating allows for the formation of different zones without requiring any costly building work. The clever design of the seats and varying heights of the screens ensures that a bespoke and perfectly functioning waiting area can be integrated into your workplace. Fully customizable to allow for the integration of technology, this really is the perfect solution for those looking for a unique and individual approach to the design of their waiting area.

Dishy Reception Chair


If an open plan methodology is adopted within your office, then the range of Dishy Reception Chairs may be the perfect addition to your waiting space. The Dishy chair and sofa collection offer a stylish solution to any corporate environment. High or low backed lounge chairs boast a selection of swivel or four-legged bases in chrome or powder coated steel. The generous seat and premium quality foam provide a high level of comfort. A complementary range of Dishy round, tube and long tube tables offer two base styles to perfectly match your seating choice.

Cascara Reception Chair


A contemporary design classic, the Cascara Reception Chair boasts unprecedented attention to detail. Every aspect of the chair has been carefully considered, from the simple ergonomics to the sustainable materials and construction methods used in its production. Not only do these seats serve their purpose extremely well, but they can be installed knowing that the design team are as committed to the sustainability of the product as they are to the striking and eye-catching design.

This is just a small selection of the vast range of funky Reception Seating that 360 Office Interiors has to offer. For the full range check out our website, or to discuss specific requirements please get in touch.

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