moderHow To Redefine Your Workspace Using Breakout & Cafe Furniture

Breakout furniture is the ultimate in flexible seating. Endlessly adaptable, areas sensibly designed around items of breakout furniture are not only comfortable, but practical, productive and multifunctional. Traditionally located in spaces of recreation, the use of modern café furniture in more formal environments is becoming increasingly widespread. Recognising the benefits of a comfortable soft seating area, office designers are making the introduction of café style seating common place. Employees are given room to disengage from glaring screens, constant emails and forever chirping phones; the space allowing them to engage with colleagues and clients in an altogether different setting. The result is a more productive, creative and focussed workforce.

And breakout areas are not the preserve of those with ample and plentiful space, in fact often the most effective use of this furniture is in areas where space is at a premium. Fortunately, the options for utilising breakout furniture and café seating within your workplace are vast. Here, we run down the 5 different categories of contemporary cafe furniture on offer at 360 Office Interiors, and select standout items from each category.

Bar Stools

Traditionally the seat of choice for late night drinkers, the bar stool offers an informal settling option for your workplace. A casual place to sit, and easily moveable, the bar stool provides seating for individuals searching for time to think, or allows opportunities for colleagues to get together and brainstorm ideas during impromptu meetings. When paired with a complementary table, a bar stool can provide the perfect alternative to a traditional desk for those looking to break free from the constraints of the typical office environment.

Vice Versa Bar Stool


The Vice Versa Bar Stool is endlessly customisable. Available in a choice of colours, with an upholstered cushion, and incorporating arm rests as required, this modern café chair is the ultimate solution to those looking to rejuvenate the seating options in their workplace.

Bar Tables

These tall tables will fit in even the tiniest of spaces, transforming unused areas into productive and dynamic hubs of activity. If space is very limited, then chairs are not necessary around the counter. Instead the table top offers a place to gather, to rest laptop computers, place cups of coffee, or scribble quick notes and diagrams. If space allows then the Bar Table can be matched with a Bar Stool, allowing colleagues and employees an area to work or rest for longer periods of time.

Elite Bar Tables


The Elite Bar Table can be specified with a circular or round counter top and made from either wooden or coloured materials to perfectly blend in with existing surroundings.

Café Chairs

As with the addition of bar stools to the workspace, the inclusion of café chairs provides another informal and flexible option to employees, customers and clients. The options for successfully using these café style chairs are numerous, whether in a cafeteria, reception waiting room, or even as an alternative to traditional meeting chairs, a stylish café chair has seemingly unlimited opportunities.

Callita Café Chair


The Callita Chair will not only serve is purpose admirably, it’s eye catching design and striking appearance will ensure that it becomes an instant style icon within your office. Available in a range of colours, the ergonomics of this design mean that it is as comfortable to sit on as it is good to look at.

Coffee Tables

Perfect for redefining the purpose of a space, the simple addition of a coffee table can transform the way in which an area is used. Whether it’s rejuvenating a previously underutilised space, or giving an existing space a change of role, the presence of a coffee table can enhance the work environment and surroundings.

Solid Coffee Table


Available in a range of finishes, styles and with various options for frame design, 360 Office Interiors can provide the complete coffee table to match your requirements.

Pod Seating

With numerous configuration possibilities and truly optimising the use of existing space, it’s no wonder that Pod Seating is becoming a regular fixture in offices and organisations around the world. Its flexibility supports a range of diverse working styles, enhancing both collaborative and individual techniques, to provide a satisfying and productive place in which to work.

Hive One Pod Seating


Each pod seating unit can be individually tailored to match specific client requirements. Whether it’s the need for integrated technology, or an unusual seating layout, the Hive One can be engineered to fit your workplace.

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