Office Storage Solutions To Transform Your Work Space

Space is an important consideration for any room. In an office effective and functional use of space is absolutely crucial. Having a well-considered location for essential articles ensures maximum productivity while at the same time maintaining a productive work ambiance. Key files and folders must be logically catalogued, readily available at a second’s notice yet subtly hidden away to avoid clutter. Sensitive documents must be stored safely and securely, easily accessible and suitably protected. Technological resources need to be prominent and easy to use but remain discreet. The days of a filing cabinet cowering in the corner next to a photocopier are long gone – or at least they should be. Modern office storage solutions allow for fully integrated custom-made pieces of furniture, specifically tailored to the individual needs of your office. Work space should flow seamlessly from one area to the next allowing colleagues the freedom to work both collaboratively and individually.

Check out these essential pieces of office furniture that will transform the functionality of your office and enhance the way in which you and your employees work.


Custom Filing Storage



Custom Filing Storage

Available to specifically meet your exact dimensions, these filing units can be as large or small as your office needs. The layout, size and design can be individually tweaked to ensure that each unit precisely fits your requirements. The shell can be constructed in either metal or wood and a range of finishes are available to perfectly complement the existing décor of your office. Fully lockable, there is no better way to transform the organisation and style in which your most important documents are stored.

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Storage Wall



Storage Wall

A storage wall is a cost effective way of providing multiple answers to a variety of problems. In its simplest form the wall serves as an excellent way of dividing the floor space of an area. A unit can be used to create cellular offices, providing individual work spaces of varying sizes, or simply installed along a wall to replace or upgrade existing storage units. Each storage wall can be individually designed to accommodate everything a fully functioning office requires. File storage, document archives, coffee points and touchdown stations can all be integrated to provide not only an aesthetically pleasing item of furniture, but a piece that makes the most of valuable office space.

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Tambour Storage Units


Tambour Storage Solution

It is sometimes necessary to maintain an element of flexibility within your office. In this instance furniture that can be easily moved is invaluable. These Tambour units can be kitted out with shelves, pigeon holes or hanging filing rails, meaning that your most important documents can be as flexible as you are. Available in wood or metal and finished in a range of colours, the 360 Office Interiors Tambour storage units are essential pieces of furniture in any work-place.

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Personal Office Storage



Personal Office Storage

Not everything is to be shared; personal and private files and folders need a home of their own. Individual storage should not be any less considered than that of storage for the masses. Employees should have the facilities they need to neatly organise and properly secure crucial paperwork. These custom units are perfect for creating a proper place for everything, guaranteeing everyone in the office is able to work comfortably and efficiently.

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Media Storage Walls



Media Storage Wall

While office technology develops at a staggering pace, the furniture in which it is housed is rarely given a chance to keep up. These media storage walls allow IT equipment to be seamlessly integrated into the workspace, ensuring expensive multimedia units are maximising their full potential while at the same time minimising their impact on surrounding colleagues and allowing them to continue uninterrupted with their work.

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All of these pieces are available to view in our London showroom and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. To discuss your vision for office storage please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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